Upstate Students Get Help Applying To Favorite Colleges

Upstate students are getting help on kick starting their future. Greenville County schools kicked off College Application Day Thursday.

Ronald Jamal Rogers says he’s ready for the next big step in his education. He’s been studying hard these past few years.

“This is my family. This is where I grew up, laughed, had struggles,” said Rogers. “It’s amazing here, I love my school.”

Thursday he and other seniors at Blue Ridge High school spent their morning with the guidance counselor. They went through application, after application, applying free to the colleges of their dreams.

“They might not have the assistance at home to do these applications,” said Margaret Colplys, Blue Ridge High Guidance Counselor. “So it’s a great way for them all to get together and have fun with it.”

“It lets them know that we’re here to help them in any way possible,” said Starzee Walker, Blue Ridge High Guidance Counselor.

October is College Application Month for Greenville County Schools. So for the next few weeks, students from all high schools in the county will get the same experience. They’ll even meet with representatives from several Upstate colleges.

“They’re able to get that confidence needed to become more successful in any endeavors that they pursue in life,” added Walker.

“We have kids that walk in, they’re jumping up and down and have their acceptance letter in. So it’s a great feeling,” said Colplys.

Students are using a website called The Common Application. You can apply to over 600 schools signed up nationwide by just applying one time.”

Upstate schools like Furman University or Wofford are using the website. The goal is to make applications much easier and encourage more students to apply.

“It gets you feeling close to where you want to be in life. Like you’re able to do those things that you want to do,” said Ronald.

For more information on The Common Application website, click HERE.

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