Cell Phones And Breast Cancer: Are They Connected?

We carry our cell phones just about everywhere we go, but when we don’t have a place to put it, some women keep theirs in their bras.

“I do it because there is no other place to put it, but honestly I try not to,” said Danielle Pastin. When she’s wearing clothes without pockets at the gym and doesn’t have a purse, Pastin says her sports bra can be an obvious choice.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so now is a good time to ask: Is this habit a good idea?

WKRN, a sister-station of WSPA News Channel 7, went to Dr. Ashley Hendrix, a breast surgeon in Nashville, TN, to find out if there’s a possible connection between cell phone radiation exposure and breast cancer in women.

“It’s actually a common question. I’ve had in a few breast cancer patients who’ve said, ‘Oh gosh, I normally keep my cell phone on this side and now my cancer is on this side. Is that what caused this?’” Dr. Hendrix said.

Could it be a coincidence?

“There is not enough evidence to say yes or no,” said Dr. Hendrix, who says she would be more concerned about the heat from the phone being directly on the skin.

There is simply no scientific evidence linking cell phones to breast cancer, according to Dr. Hendrix, but many medical experts believe further investigation is needed.

“I can’t tell you that your exposure to your cell phone is it, but in the next 10 years will I change my mind? I might,” Dr. Hendrix said.

If you are concerned about it, she suggests making your bra a “no cell phone zone.”

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