Emergency Apps That Can Save Your Life

The images from this week’s flooding show how crucial it is to first avoid danger, and when in trouble get help quickly.

In both cases, your smartphone can be your best friend if you have the right tools.

Brandi Marsh lives near the site of this week’s deadly flooding in Spartanburg. She says it was the WSPA weather app that alerted her to avoid those roads.

“So the fact that you all put that on there and I knew not to drive that way, probably saved me and my five children that was riding with me,” said Marsh.

In the least, having real time radar and traffic at your fingertips is key. But we say, don’t stop there. We’ve found countless emergency apps than can save your life.

Rapid SOS is a one-touch-911 that sends not just your location, but identity and medical details to dispatch.

Disaster Caster sends a disaster plan to your family and friends.

And “Plerts” sends an SOS to your emergency contact list, it self activates when it detects an impact of more than 3G forces, a crash.

“I would love that for my son at least because he just started driving. He just got his license a few months ago and I’m always worried about you know are you OK, did you have an emergency,” said Angela Phillips, in Spartanburg.

“People have their more common apps, their social media, their entertainment apps, but I still think that the majority of people don’t realize how many life saving information they can have on their phone just by downloading a couple apps,” said Doug Bryson, the head of Emergency Management in Spartanburg.

He has seven apps. Most emergency apps are free, or cost only a buck.

“That’s like a dollar to save your life,” said Marsh.

The true cost is if you never take time to download one before you need it.

As with any app, we recommend reading reviews and permissions before you download.


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