Fans Still Cheering On Clemson Despite Rain, Game Day Still On

Rain won’t put a damper on ESPN’s College Game day at Clemson for Tigers fans and the game against Notre Dame. Clemson Athletic officials say they are still very confident they have the resources to pull everything off.

“As soon as football season is over I just think about football season will start back up. So that’s all that’s on my mind right now,” said Derek Micek.

Derek and Tom knew the rain was coming this weekend. But decided to travel anyway from states away to be at Death Valley this weekend.

“Tailgate is going to be a little sloppy and maybe a little cold, but it is still going to be fun,” said  Micek.

They bought new rain gear just for the game. The owner of Mr. Knickerbockers, where Derek and Tom shopped, says they’ve already sold out of rain gear and had to rush an order to get more. They say they’ll be selling gear as long as they can.

“Just talking about the weather and making sure they have plenty to stay dry,” said Connie McKee. “So we are trying to stay stocked up.”

Clemson Athletics Officials say they’re working with Pickens County Emergency Management, The National Weather Service and police to keep an eye on the skies. Right now they say Death Valley is in good condition and safe for fans Saturday. So, the game is still on.

“We’ll be pumped up,” said Tom Drinkwater. “Once the sun goes down, it’s dark out, can’t see the clouds anyway. Stadium will be rocking.”

They have responders ready and on standby in case of any flooding emergency. Emergency management says they’re prepared for 4 to 6 inches of rain. “I think if everyone is smart about it, it will be okay,” said Drinkwater.

The school has also been reducing power on the field to save it for the game.

Because of the soggy conditions, parking might be a little bit more troublesome Saturday. Clemson athletic officials say that you should avoid parking in the grass lots because they will be limited. They are looking for alternatives.

For help on parking, click HERE and HERE.

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