Dunkin Donuts Employee Tells Officer “We Don’t Serve Cops Here”

Dunkin Donuts

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — An employee at a West Hartford Dunkin Donuts is in hot water after she told a police officer “We don’t serve cops here.”

The officer walked into the busy store at 1234 Farmington Avenue to wait in line to order. As he waited, an employee looked over at the officer and shouted “He didn’t get the message, we don’t serve cops here.”

The officer then left the store followed quickly by the employee herself and the store manager. Both offered apologies to the officer with the employee who shouted the statement saying that she was only joking.

All three then returned to the store where the employee apologized to other customers who appeared to take offense at her comment. The officer was then offered a free coffee which he declined and stated that he would go to a different store.

The regional manager was notified of the incident and later met with the officer to apologize for the employees actions telling him that the matter would be handled.

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