Spartanburg Homeowners Already Dealing With Severe Flooding Prepare For More Rain

Flooding Aftermath

Many Spartanburg roads faced heavy flooding this week.  Homeowners on Pearson Street were hit especially hard.

On Thursday, many of those families woke up to flooded homes and some looked out their windows to find their cars floating away.

“It amazes me.  I’m not just thankful — I’m amazed nobody was killed,” said Robert Stuart.

A nearby creek, which runs alongside the street, was to blame.  It caused flash flooding as it overflowed.

“The water just came rushing out of the door.  It was like a waterfall,” said Stuart.

The water quickly receded but its destruction is still clear.  Toppled over mailboxes, bagged belongings, and soaked piles lined the street Saturday.

On one homeowner’s garage door, the water line measures higher than five feet — backing up people’s claims that the flooded came up to people’s faces.

Several vehicles had to be towed after floating down the street.

“There was one [vehicle] parked in the carport next door that floated out, floated all the way down the street, hit another car, and the two of them floated down to the end of the road,” said Stuart.

Two days later, Jesse Liggett continues working tirelessly to clean out his friend’s home.

“She woke up and put her feet down out of the bed and just sank into water,” said Liggett.  Adding, “one of her dogs was sitting on the couch and the other dog was paddling around barking.”

Another homeowner can’t even get to his house anymore.  His bridge, once strong enough for vehicle traffic, was washed away by the creek’s raging water.

The bridge was later found more than 500 feet away.

With more rain in the forecast this weekend, these homeowners hope they won’t be hit again.

“It’s super frustrating to know that there’s going to be more rain coming and you’ve got so much to do. There’s just so much to do in so little time,” said Liggett.

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