Clemson Fans Pack Death Valley Despite Rain

The rain was steady and so was the roar of Tigers fans from Clemson’s “Death Valley” stadium Saturday night as they took on Notre Dame.

Spirits rose as the rain fell off and on in Clemson ahead of the big game. Tigers came from near and far to see Clemson play. They Kept an Eye on the forecast, but for many of them, their confidence never waivered.

“Doesn’t matter about the rain,” said Pat Jaques. “Who Cares? We are all in.”

“Both teams have a lot of speed and talent and I think the weather kind of doesn’t matter, because it is going to affect both teams equally.” said Lucas Bogart, Clemson student.

Many of them spent all day in the soggy weather, starting at ESPN’s Game Day Saturday morning.

“We were nervous at first, but we were coming out here weather or not,” added Whitney Moore, student.

But Clemson fans say, the rain was nothing an orange poncho and rain boots couldn’t fix. It was going to take a lot more than rain to keep them from cheering on the Tigers.

“We actually thought it was going to rain more than this,”Hannah Connelly.

Pickens County Emergency Management says they didn’t have many problems with the rain Saturday as expected. They told us Friday they were expecting flash flooding, similar to what the county experienced Thursday night. EMA is working with rescue squads and law enforcement to stay prepared and ready to respond throughout the weekend.

Clemson won the football game Saturday night against Notre Dame. The final score was Clemson, 24, and Notre Dame, 22.

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