Greenville Humane Society Starts Fundraising Campaign

Greenville Humane Society plans 1

The Greenville Humane Society announced Wednesday, the public phase of their capital fundraising campaign has begun.

The campaign, called ‘Expanding our Paw Print: Strengthening the bond between pets and our community,’ is hoping to raise $4.3M and allow the organization to expand. The private phase of the fundraising campaign began in January of 2015. About $1.7 million was raised since then.

The money came from many donors and foundation grants, including a gift from the family of Jane Hipp, whom the Jane F. Hipp Adoption Center will be named for. Jane Hipp was a civic leader in the Greenville community, and the Adoption Center was given as a gift by her children.

The Greenville Humane Society Director Kim Pitman tells media they are operating at maximum capacity and have performed over 11,700 spay/neuter surgeries in their clinic. They’ve found forever homes for over 5,200 pets.

Here is specific details from the society about fundraising plans:

In order to accommodate this growing demand at their campus at 305 Airport Road, the Humane Society plans to build a free-standing Medical Center, a pavilion for their growing educational outreach programs and popular events and an ‘Infurmary.’ The newly named Jane F. Hipp Adoption Center will also undergo renovations as adoption demands continue to grow.  The cost of each phase is as follows:

Greenville Humane Society plans 3 Phase 1 – Medical Center – $2.1 million
The Medical Center will double the functional space for the spay/neuter clinic, the vaccine clinic and adoptions.
Greenville Humane Society plans 4 Phase 2 –The Pavilion – $300,000
The Pavilion will provide a space for custom education curriculum tied to state standards and will eliminate the current issue of overcrowding which forces the Greenville Humane Society to turn away thousands of school children each year.
Greenville Humane Society plans 2 Phase 3 – ‘Infurmary’ – $1 million
The ‘Infurmary’ will expand care for sick animals as well as reduce noise, overcrowding, congestion in our patient waiting areas, and limit the spread of contagious diseases to healthy animals in the Adoption Center.
Greenville Humane Society plans 1 Phase 4 – Jane F. Hipp Adoption Center Renovations – $965,000
Renovations to the Jane F. Hipp Adoption Center will allow the Greenville Humane Society to increase adoptions and save more lives.

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