Hollywood Actor William Baldwin Filming Movie In Greenville

Baldwin Movie Greenville

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Hollywood actor William Baldwin will spend the next few weeks in Greenville shooting his upcoming film “Chronology,” a psychological thriller that’s co-directed by Greenville native Kipp Tribble.

“It’s been great. It’s been beautiful. The weather’s been great,” said Baldwin. “It’s [Greenville] very hip and cosmopolitan and lots of interesting stuff going on with music and restaurants and architecture.”

The film, which also stars actor Danny Trejo, is about two men who switch bodies. It’s been shot across the city from the Reedy River to the downtown area and in residential neighborhoods.

Tribble said he also considered Vermont as a shooting location, but ultimately chose his hometown for its small-town feel.

“I grew up here and just had been looking for a place or a film to bring back to Greenville for a really long time, and this one just – it fit.”

“Chronology,” which was also filmed in Poland, wraps shooting in Greenville on Oct. 24. It’s due in theaters some time next year.

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