Pilots N Paws Transports 50 Dogs To Make Space For Flood Rescues

pilots n paws

Pilots N Paws is making room for animals impacted by the flooding in South Carolina.

Friday, the group loaded up nearly 50 dogs on airplanes to take to shelters in Florida and New York, said Debi Boies, with Pilots N Paws.

“If we move them, then we can bring the ones in from the flooding who need that same kind of care, and they can find their forever homes. If they’re not able to go back to their owners,” Boies said.

Boies says there could be hundreds from the flooding that need a place to go.

“If you’re an animal lover and you see an animal, let’s say, swimming in a raging river or on a street corner, or their owners crying because  they’re not able to have a home for them any longer, you’re not human if you don’t cry over that,” explained Boies.

Since the group started seven years ago, they’ve helped move 75 thousand animals across the country to shelters that have room.

Pilots N Paws relies on donations to operate.

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