Spartanburg Co. Bridge Too Low, Traps Trucks, Drivers Say

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. – A day after an 18-wheeler got stuck under a bridge on New Cut Road in Una, drivers in the area said it happens routinely.

The 18-wheeler that got stuck Monday morning smashed into the top of the bridge and the trailer bent in half. The driver wasn’t injured, but was cited for exceeding the height limit, which is 12 feet.

“The trucks are always getting caught under there,” said Mark Jones, who owns a nearby barbershop. “I blame it on the driver too because they can actually, visually see that the bridge is shorter than the trailer because the trailer gives a specific height and the bridge gives a specific height.”

The South Carolina Department of Transportation maintains the road, but Norfolk Southern owns the bridge. The Norfolk, Va.-based railroad company did not immediately respond to inquiries about whether it has received complaints or has any plans to raise the bridge’s 12-foot clearance.

“I don’t know what they’re going to do about it,” said Ed Ellis of Spartanburg County. “I just got used to it. I go around. I got used to it. You have to.”

Facebook commenter Kelly Mack Gilbert sent us these photos of a different truck damaged after going under the same bridge:

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