How To Better Your Chances On College Applications

This image provided by the Education Department shows part of a new web page that will help students choose the right college. Sharply scaling back plans for a government-run college rating system, President Barack Obama is now trumpeting a redesigned online tool that will give students and their parents information about costs, student loans and other data to help them choose among the nation’s colleges and universities. (Education Department via AP)

It’s that time of year, when college applications are starting to be filled out.

It can be an overwhelming experience for students, counselors suggest that students narrow down which universities would be best. Compare your GPA and test scores with universities that are in your same frame.

College Admission officers suggest using the Essay or Prompt to show colleges who you are. Even if the section is optional, they suggest filling it out. It’s an opportunity to show your strengths and what you can bring to their campus. Don’t write generic essays, colleges can tell if you’ve written one and tweaked it for different schools.

Also make sure you’re gathering your recommendation letters. These can highlight things about yourself that others see.

Call the admission offices of places you want to apply. Schools view test scores differently. Some may average out all your scores, while others only want your best.  This can better your chances of giving them the best idea of your test scores.

You’ll want to watch for the application deadlines. Having those in near the first of the year will help with applying for financial aid.

For more advice, click here.

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