SCHSL Revamps Fall Playoff Schedule, Football Playoffs Pushed Back A Week

Columbia, SC– Due to the extreme weather conditions and excessive flooding across the state, the South Carolina High School League has announced a revamped 2015 fall sports calendar. Please see the events and dates below:


Playoffs begin-                        A, AA               October 28

AAA, AAAA      October 29

State Championships–             All Classes        November 14



Playoffs begin-                        AA                    November 2

AAA                 October 29

AAAA               October 28

State Championships-             AA, AAA, AAAA            November 14



Playoffs begin-                        AAA, AA, A       November 13

AAAA               November 20


State Championships-             A                      December 4 or 5 (TBA)

AA                    December 4 or 5 (TBA)

AAA, AAAA      December 12

“I wish to sincerely thank our member schools for the long hours and hard work over the past two weeks while reviewing options.  Continued inclement weather created even more obstacles which prevented our regions from scheduling a feasible new schedule. Therefore, with the support of the Executive Committee, the 2015-16 fall sports season has a one week extension. ‘Grace under fire’ comes to mind when I read about our student athletes during this stressful time. They have performed a stellar amount of community service projects, going above and beyond expectations to assist their fellow South Carolinians. They are a shining example of sportsmanship, leadership and champions in their own right,” states Jerome Singleton, SCHSL Commissioner.

“I wish to also thank the athletic directors and coaches who remained patient during this process. We are a team, member schools, SCHSL staff, and the Executive Committee, and must conduct ourselves as such, even in the most trying of times. This resolution seems to be the answer to scheduling issues and we look forward to continuing our fall sports season with even more energy and enthusiasm. South Carolinians are resilient if nothing else… we consistently rise above all obstacles. ”

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