Upstate High School Marching Band to Perform in NYC

An Upstate High School Band is marching their way to the Big Apple for Veterans Day. Pendleton High School was selected to perform in this year’s Veterans Day Parade in New York City next month.

Between football games and state competitions, October is jam-packed for the Pendleton High School Marching band.

“These last couple of weeks are going to be a little bit of a whirl wind,” said the Band Director, Chris Moss.

The band has performed at local Veterans Day events before, but now they’re taking their act on the road to time square in New York City. So, they’ll be packing in even more practice and preparation.

“It’s more about the music that you are creating with the people that you are with,” said Britt Calahan, Trombone player.

“Just excited for it because it is something big for our band,” said Natalie Ramirez, who will be playing the snare drum.

The small group was selected earlier this year to join bands from across the east coast to play in the Big Apple’s Veterans Day parade. They’ll be marching down 5th Avenue near Central Park until the Macy’s downtown.

“I think they are going to be just really blown away with how big it is and how many people are there,” said Moss.

The 36 member band will play one song in the parade and 8 songs at a concert in Times Square. Band director Chris Moss says he applied for the bands trip last fall. They were chosen along with just 20 other high school bands on the east coast to honor our veterans.

“It is more about just focusing on something and learning to be excellent at something,” said Moss.

Many of the students including trombone player Britt Calahan have never been to the big city before. So they’ll also get the chance to see a Broadway musical and the Statue of Liberty, after their performance.

“Excited to see the city itself and getting to see something other than Anderson,” said Calahan.

All together, it’s a $45,000 trip that the students have already collected themselves. But Calahan says it’s a priceless opportunity for them, that he knows he’ll be carrying for a life time.

“This isn’t something I just want to give up,” added Calahan. “It is something I really enjoy.”

The band will leave for New York City on November 9th and return home on the 13th.

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