6-Year-Old Dials 911 After Mother Has Seizure

6-Year-Old Dials 911 After Mother Has Seizure


A 6-year-old boy dialed 9-1-1 after witnessing his mother having a seizure. Friday night, the Greenville Fire Department recognized this first-grader’s act of heroism.

911 what is your emergency?

-Yes, my mom is having a seizure

-Okay hang on for a minute, don’t hang up.

Zymeire kept his composure, telling dispatchers his phone number, address, and even his mother’s condition.

When you call her name, what does she do?


-Does she look at you or anything?


-She’s just not talking to you?


Knowing time was a factor, Zymeire did everything possible to help first responders find his house and made sure they were able to get inside to help his mother.

Let me unlock the door.

-Ok, can you turn the light on?


Zymeir even knew to go outside and flag down paramedics.  These skills were the difference between life and death for Adrianne Ballenger.

“He saved me that night, basically he saved my life.”

Needless to say she’s proud of her little hero and so is the entire Greenville Fire Department.  Friday, they awarded Zymeire with the Exceptional Civilian Service Award at their 2nd Annual Firefighter Banquet.

“Told him he was just coming here to eat dinner with the firefighters, and was elated about that and really didn’t know about the award, so completely surprised.  It was really good,” says Brent McDonald, the first-responder to the incident.

And for the hero of the night, he’s just glad he had a really good date for the occasion.

“I love my mama, I love her I love her I love her.”

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