Controversial Halloween Display Angers Residents Of Mass. Neighborhood

WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WWLP) – The Halloween decorations are out, but can you go too far? 22News, sister station to WSPA, received some letters from residents in West Springfield that said one neighbor did.

A gallow with a fake man hanging sits in the front yard on the corner of Sweetfern Drive and Hemlock Hill Road in West Springfield.

“I mean it’s Halloween and you know a lot of people have decorations out and some of its a little creepier than others,” says Susan Roy of West Springfield.

Chris Kingsbury has been a lifelong resident in the neighborhood. He decided to put of the Halloween decoration in one night and it only cost him ten dollars to do. Kingsbury told 22News, “Just put it up to celebrate Halloween you know it’s not meant to be anything that’s controversial just something that’s fun. I always grew up going to haunted houses when I was a kid.”

When Kingsbury came back from vacation he found a sign on his decoration and a letter imploring him to take it down. The owners say neighbors have nothing to worry about and everyone is welcome to come get some candy on Hallows Eve.

Neighbor Ed Wash told 22News, “I have six young grandchildren and some of the programs they watch on TV is a heck of a lot worse than what they are going around seeing Halloween Decorations.”

“We’re not trying to upset anybody we’re not trying to offend anybody we’re just trying to get into our version of the Halloween Spirit,” says Melissa Santos, another neighbor.

“I think that at least a parent talks about it to their children and describes that its not real,” Kingsbury defends himself. Kingsbury said he is thinking about putting up more decorations and will call the police if anyone is trespassing and messing with them.

Kingsbury said if anyone does have a problem with his decoration and would like to give their opinion he is more than will to talk with them about it in person.

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