Spartanburg Water CEO Responds To Taste Complaints

The CEO of Spartanburg Water, Sue Schneider, responded Thursday to complaints from residents about the taste of the water in Spartanburg.

The company reiterates that the water is completely safe to drink.

Spartanburg Water says if you have questions or concerns, it’s best to call the customer service line at 864-582-6375. They say you’ll get an answer much faster than posting on social media.

We continue to receive questions about the “musty” taste and odor some are experiencing with their water. Rest assured, we are continuing to explore both short and long-term treatment to our water before it reaches your home or business.

Our most recent data shows that even with the cooler temperatures and with the lake ‘turning,’ we are still experiencing high levels of Methyl-Isoborneol, or MIB, in our drinking water reservoirs.

MIB is the chemical byproduct of tiny, non-harmful aquatic organisms that naturally occurs in most watersheds throughout the United States, but we’ve not seen MIB levels this high since 2003.

Our water treatment facilities use proven water treatment methods, but we have consistently supplemented these strategies with the addition of powder-activated carbon, which absorbs elevated levels of natural organics which can cause your water to taste or smell funny.

The most important question our customers have is, “Is it safe to drink?” The unequivocal answer is yes, and it is safe for everyday use. While higher levels of MIB can certainly change the taste and odor of the water, they do not compromise the water’s quality.

The question we are asked almost as much as that of safety is, “When will this be over?” We have to be honest and say that we just cannot give a definite answer. We know it is frustrating to our customers, but we are implementing both short- and long-term methods to end this issue.

We recognize the inconvenience and are working hard to determine the best methods to prepare for and lessen the impact of MIB in our drinking water reservoirs—in both Lake Bowen and Reservoir #1.

For the latest updates concerning taste and odor, please go to our website:

We will “keep you in the loop” with weekly updates and more often, as needed.

Sue Schneider
Spartanburg Water
Chief Executive Officer

Spartanburg Water also posted an FAQ for customers, click here for those answers.


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