Driver Runs From Crash, Leaves Puppy Behind Say Police

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL (WFLA) —  Florida Highway Patrol is looking for the driver involved in a hit-and-run crash, who also left a dog behind at the scene. The crash occurred on I-275 northbound in Pinellas County on Monday afternoon.

Photo courtesy FHP
Photo courtesy FHP

FHP says the unknown man was driving a silver 1999 Honda Accord when he rear-ended a Dodge Caravan around 1:30 p.m. Monday in Pinellas County. After the collision, troopers say the driver of the Accord exited his car to check on the passengers of the Caravan, but then got back in the Accord and fled from the scene.

Trooper Bob Ray says when he arrived at the scene, he found a little more at the scene than he bargained on.

Inside the accident victim’s van, was a small dog.

“Once they told me there was a dog in the vehicle, we went ahead and took possession of the dog because I didn’t want him to get hit out on the interstate,” said Ray. “Well, supposedly he went to check on the victims. He had the dog inside of his shirt and the dog fell out into the van when one of the young victims was getting out of the vehicle,” said Ray.

Before fleeing, the driver also left a dog behind. The dog is a pit bull/shepherd mix.

CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESHOW: Photos of the dog left behind

The trooper who responded to the crash has taken the dog home, and now FHP says they’re searching for the driver of the Accord.

” I took him home with me. I first took him to my vet to see if he was chipped, so we could try to find the owner,” said Ray.

The Trooper is a 12 year veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol, but says this is a first.

“This is the first time I’ve ever ran across something like this where and animal was left behind, especially a pet, something cute like this,” said Ray.

The Honda Accord was later recovered on I-75 at the 223 mm in Manatee County, but the driver has not been found.

The driver is described as a white male with curly hair. The Honda Accord is registered to Shannon Marie Kelly of 5067 NW 56th Terr. in Ocala.

Anyone with information regarding the male driver should contact the FHP at *347 or 813-631-4020. The case is under investigation.

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