Spartanburg Students Benefit from Connect SC Program

Connect SC is working to bring broadband internet access to communities that need it most in the state and the organization is seeing positive results in Spartanburg.

Grandmother Bonita Littlejohn lives with her grandchildren at the Tobias Booker Hartwell Apartments in Spartanburg. Littlejohn said having internet access at her home isn’t an option but through Connect SC and a partnership between the Spartanburg Housing Authority and Spartanburg School District 7, her children are able to get online and do their homework.

Executive Director of Connect SC Jim Stritzinger said students are sent home with school-issued iPads but because of a lack of internet access, they cannot complete their homework assignments on them. Littlejohn’s grandchildren are able to overcome this issue by accessing the internet at the Roy C Henderson community center in their neighborhood.

Stritzinger said it’s not just students that suffer without internet access.

“The challenges are immense. If you don’t have access to a computer at home and you’re trying to apply for a job, you’ll fail. Trying to apply for healthcare? It’s a fail. Trying to be a student and study and you don’t have access at home? It’s a big problem,” he said.

Connect SC looks to identify locations that need access and connect community partners with internet hardware and service providers.

You can fill out a survey here to Connect SC know about a residential area or business that would benefit from internet access:

Business Survey

Residential Survey 


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