Vote is 20-1 On Flying Confederate Flag At Tenn. Courthouse

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – The Confederate flag will not fly outside of the Greene County courthouse, following a 20 to 1 vote by Greene County commissioners Monday night opposing a proposed resolution to fly the flag as a “historic exhibit.”

Monday’s vote first came about by a resolution proposed by Commissioner James Randolph, which aimed to display the flag at the county courthouse for purely historical reasons.

When it came time to vote, Randolph was the sole commissioner to vote in favor of the proposal.

“I didn’t figure the resolution would pass,” Randolph said following the vote. “I wish it had went through because it is a part of history and it ain’t got anything to do with race or anything like that.”

While protests outside of the courthouse were peaceful for the most part, there were some arguments that were quickly diffused by Greene County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

A heated topic on both sides of the argument, Chris Ward, a Confederate flag supporter, said he wanted the flag raised in honor of his great, great grandfather who fought in the Civil War.

“He is a veteran and I’ll always hold him as a veteran,” Ward said. “He deserves that.”

Others, like Trudy Wallack, said having the flag outside the courthouse reflects poorly on the community as a whole.

“It’s perplexing to me why suddenly someone wants to embark and install this flag that is an insult and hurtful to a lot of people,” Wallack said.

While the community remains divided on this issue, it’s clear the state and American flags outside of the Greene County courthouse won’t be getting company anytime soon.

The following was the proposed resolution obtained by News Channel 11:

“Greene County Commission and the citizens they represent are proud to be Americans, but they are also proud to be Tennesseans and whereas, Greene County is conscious of its Heritage and loyalties; one that transcends the usual ties of national patriotism and state pride. Our citizens retain habits that are strong and memories that are long. Our region and its citizens have been powerfully shaped by its history and are determined to pass that history on to future generations…..and where as, the Confederate flag represents state rights, the south, it represents Dixie land, our culture, and our heritage and should be proudly displayed by our County.”

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