16 Signs Your House Is Haunted


Do you hear strange sounds in your home at night? Do doors suddenly close or open? Do things appear in places where you didn’t leave them? You aren’t alone.

Some things can be explained, but others cannot.

Paranormal.About.com put together this list of 16 of the most common signs that your house is haunted:

  • Unexplained noises
  • Doors, cabinets and cupboards opening and closing
  • Lights turning off and on
  • Items disappearing and reappearing
  • Unexplained shadows
  • Strange animal behavior
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Mild psychokinetic phenomena
  • Feelings of being touched
  • Cries and whispers
  • Cold or hot spots
  • Unexplained smells
  • Moving or levitating objects
  • Physical assault
  • Other physical evidence
  • Apparitions

But how can you tell if those footsteps you hear late at night aren’t just your pipes making noise? Or if the keys you know you left on the counter but ended up in the drawer are simply forgetfulness or a ghost playing tricks on you?

Who ya gonna call?

We got in touch with the South Carolina Paranormal Research and Investigations out of Fountain Inn.

They tell us they get people contacting them to look into strange, unexplained happenings all the time.

“We take on any case where we can’t figure out what’s going on by just talking to the client,” Cindy Harmon of SCPRAI said. “Our purpose is to help, and a lot of our clients just want someone to back them up and verify to them that they’re not crazy.”

When they show up to investigate they use all sorts of scientific equipment as well as some homemade items the group has come up with through the years. They include Electro-Magnetic Field detectors, thermometers, night vision and infrared cameras and a “spirit box” which scans AM/FM frequencies. But they say the most important tool they have is their senses.

When it comes to bizarre experiences, the organization has seen its share.

“One of the most bizarre things I’ve ever experienced on an investigation was an older gentleman who claimed to have little elves who lived in his feet,” explained Angie, and investigators with SCRPAI. “As crazy as it sounds, we used the KII (EMF detector) and his feet were actually emitting EMF! If he told us that he felt the little elves in his toes, the KII would pick up EMF in his toes, but not in his heels, and then if he told us the little elves had moved to his heels, the KII would pick up EMF in his heels, but no longer in his toes! We tried to think of every possible explanation – since he was a veteran, had he been shot and were there any pieces of remaining shrapnel? No! Did he have a pacemaker? No! We were never able to provide a plausible explanation…..”

Another member of the group, Allison, says the most bizarre thing she has had happen to her wasn’t during an investigation.

“My Grandparents used to live at 51 East Bay Street in downtown Charleston,” she said. “When I was spending the night in the house, I heard a rapid boom boom boom as if someone set a bowling ball rolling down the spiral staircase. When I asked my Aunt what on earth that was, she simply replied, “that’s one of our ghosts.” Apparently one of the previous owners had a heart attack at the top of the stairs and tumbled down. It was my very first paranormal experience and made me a believer.”

Do you think you’ve had a paranormal experience? Tell us about it below, or contact SCPRAI to investigate.

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