Sheriff Tired of Chasing Career Criminals Who Walk After K9 Death

Pictured: David Morris, Jr., Sergio Martin, Martavious Craig (Left to Right)
Pictured: David Morris, Jr., Sergio Martin, Martavious Craig (Left to Right)

“All of these folks are gang affiliated and here we are again chasing them again and unfortunately to the tune of the death of one of our canine officers,” said an emotional Anderson County Sheriff, John Skipper, Friday.

Sheriff Skipper said he’s tired of chasing after career criminals who walk free on reduced charges. He’s talking about three suspects in this week’s chase that led to a K-9 death in Anderson County.

Now that all three are behind bars, Skipper said he’s taking this case personally and will fight to make sure justice is served.

“They’re crooks and they’re criminals and they’re thieves and they’re thugs,” said Skipper.

Sergio Martin, David Morris and Martavious Craig sit behind bars. They were all denied bond, despite Morris and Craig refusing to admit guilt during their bond hearings.

“I’m not going to go to jail for nothing that I didn’t do, but I will plead guilty to the stuff that I did do,” said Martavious Craig.

The 18 year old turned himself in to a Seneca Police Officer, Thursday.

“When he say I shot at him is there any evidence of me shooting, period? That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” said David Morris.

Friday, Skipper said the evidence is mounting up and it all starts with a false police report of a charjacking that He said was filed by Shrilandria Dixon.

It turns out, she knew the suspects and was with them in her car, Wednesday. An argument led to them leaving her behind. So, Skipper said she called 911 with a story to tell. She is now in jail on a felony charge, as well.

“Put the dots together. We wouldn’t of stopped this car. We wouldn’t of had a reason to stop this car if she wouldn’t have reported this incident. Otherwise we wouldn’t have put this out, the officer would never have tried to stop the car, we would never of had the car chase and Hyco would never have been killed,” said Skipper.

However, all those things did happen and Skipper laid out the timeline as the car chase ended on New Prospect Church Road.

“Officer Suratt and his canine came up behind them and, as they were getting to the car, three individuals ran around the fence into the wood line,” Skipper explained. “Hyco caught one of them it actually got a bite on his arm and at that time shots were fired.”

They were deadly shots to Hyco and the gun fire continued through the woods. After, Skipper said they found 3 guns – one stolen – as well as drugs and a stolen laptop.

Skipper credits good police work and a team effort for capturing all three suspects within 24 hours. Moving forward, Skipper is taking this one personally.

“We are going to pursue these vigorously. I’m going to make sure that the court system knows that I want to, as the sheriff, want to be at every bond hearing and every preliminary hearing that they have from this day forward,” said Skipper.

Skipper says this investigation is far from over. More charges and arrests could be coming.

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