Clemson Grad Starts New Upstate-Based Company

Harold Hughes, Clemson Grad Behind 'Bandwagon'

A Clemson graduate recently started a new company called Bandwagon.

Bandwagon is an online website which allows people to sell their college football tickets — but with the option of only selling to fans of their same team.

“You can make sure your ticket goes to a fan who will cheer just as loud as you — for your team,” said developer Harold Hughes.

As you can imagine, Hughes is a big fan of the tigers.  In college, Hughes and his friends had to sell some of their season tickets.

He says he came up with the idea when he realized he didn’t want his ticket going to a rival.

“Being able to be a fan and cheering for your team, as loud as you can, is your way of controlling home team advantage and how you contribute and become a part of that team.”

The company isn’t just for Clemson fans.

Everyone who registers on the site gets to pick their home team and start browsing.

“You get to pick one team and one team only.  It’s kind of like you’re signing up to be a player for that team.  You can’t play for two teams,” said Hughes.

If you’re buying tickets on Bandwagon, there’s small purchasing fees.  Those searching for tickets also have the option to pay a $19.99 membership fee for exclusive access to the best tickets for the biggest games.

Hughes says if you’re selling, it’s a flat $10 fee to list.

While the company has the capability of expanding nationally, Hughes vows to keep Bandwagon Upstate-based.

“Building something real, substantial, and headquartered here in Greenville, South Carolina is really important to me,” said Hughes.

Locally, the company is getting strong support from the crowd.

Bandwagon’s website launched September 1st, 2015.  Hughes says an app is in the works for early 2016.

Already, hundreds of users have registered.

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