Hyco Stickers Selling Fast Following K-9 Officer’s Death

Support continues to grow for a beloved K-9 officer killed in the line of duty. Anderson County businesses are coming together to raise money for the sheriff’s office, after Hyco’s death.

“He did his job. And he died in the line of duty, doing his job,” said Amy Hammond.

Outside the East Coast Signs Shop, a memorial stands for Anderson County K-9 Officer Hyco. It’s just steps away from where he was gunned down by suspects during a manhunt Wednesday.

“When I saw them, the police officer holding him and he was still alive then, just barely… It just really meant a lot,” recalled Kathy Mallard, East Coast Signs Owner, who witnessed the manhunt unfold.

Inside the shop, the owner and friends are using razors to cut thousands of stickers with Hyco’s silhouette.

“We’ll so what it takes to get it done because it’s for a really good cause,” added Mallard, of Agent Owned Realty.

East Coast Signs is usually closed on Saturdays, but they stayed open to help. Amy Hammond asked them to make the stickers to sell for 5 dollars or more in honor of the fallen K-9. She got the idea after seeing the image on Facebook over and over. She says it weighed on her mind the night after Hyco was killed.

Now, the stickers are selling as fast as they can make them. They’re hoping to raise $15,000 by next Friday so that the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office can get a new K-9 officer.

“It makes my heart happy,” Hammond said about the response.

“I think the K9 Unit is so important and plus the Sheriff’s Office in general, and we need to do all we can to help out.”

Hammond is a long time friend of Hyco’s handler, Anderson County Deputy Brandon Surratt. She says he and his family are taking the K-9’s death hard, but the large support is helping them move forward.

“It’s been really hard on them. This is a family member, not just a pet,” she added.

Hammond says she the family and the Sheriff’s office are getting calls from across state and nation to reach out for ways to help. So they plan on making and selling the stickers at Anderson businesses or through the mail until the requests stop.

“I don’t want to stop until I see a sticker on everyone’s car,” Hammond explained.

A new K-9 would cost the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office about $14,000.

If you want a sticker of your own, they’re being sold starting at a five dollar minimum. All proceeds will go to the Anderson Sheriff’s Foundation.

To mail donations, and receive your sticker in return, send to:

Agent Owned Realty at 4022 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson SC 29621

You can drop them off there and at East Coast Signs Shop on New Prospect Church Rd. They are also being sold at Ray’s Seafood, Churchill’s Pub and the Family Vape Shop.

Donations can be accepted at any Wells Fargo Branch.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Foundation is also taking direct donations. Call 864-260-4400.

A memorial service for K-9 Hyco of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has been set.

The sheriff’s office announced that it will be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 2pm at the Anderson Civic Center, located at 3027 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Anderson.

A graveside service with honors will follow at the Chris Taylor Park K-9 Cemetery, located near the intersection of Camson Road and Freedom Way, adjacent to the Civic Center.

The public is invited to attend.


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