New Parking Garages Coming to Downtown Greenville

Broad St. Parking Garage, Downtown Greenville

Parking in downtown Greenville can be a headache, but soon, you can put your mind at ease. New parking garages are set to open over the next year.

One garage will support the Aloft Hotel, a second under a brand new Embassy Suites, and a third on Broad Street. This will add about 1,000 more parking spaces to support the city’s rising population.

Almost everyone says they’re excited about the new downtown parking garages coming to Greenville, especially since the money to pay for these projects will be coming from several different sources.

“The garages are being paid for with publicly issued debt.  The city’s contributions are coming from a combination of tourism taxes and revenues from our downtown tax improvement financing districts,” says     Matt Efird, Greenville Budget Administrator.

Murphy says the parking garages downtown are usually close to max occupancy, so needless to say, these new parking spaces are going, and they’re going fast.

“Some of them have long waiting lists on them and these three garages actually, daytime use from 6am to 6pm are pretty much 100% occupied the day they open their door,” says Mike Murphy, Greenville’s Director of Public Works.

The garages will be opening at different times: one in December, the next in early spring, and the third garage by next July.

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