Halloween Keeps Parents, Trick-Or-Treaters and Police Busy

Princesses, ghouls and superheroes were out in full force this Halloween. They all had one goal in mind.

“Um… Candy,” quickly responded Kate Tiller, a trick-or-treater.

“I would say I go to about 60 houses,” said Thomas Lea. “We get candy and cool stuff.”

More kids are on the roads and sidewalks than any other time during the year. And experts say that means the risk of a fatal pedestrian accidents doubles. That’s why police were also out making a bigger presence.

“Interactions between kids and cars, that’s what really scares us,” said Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark.

Police say it’s especially scary when Halloween falls on a Saturday. Historically, they write 4 times the amount of drinking violations than they normally would.

And, like every year, they’ve put extra patrol and officers on the streets. They hope their efforts will work with the help of parents walking with their kids.

“We may be a house behind but we can see them and know where they are,” said parent Diana Tiller, about her Halloween plans.

They want to make sure the goblins and witches can get door to door and back home to enjoy their treats.

“Happy Halloween!” Kate added.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol’s “Boo-ze it & Lose it” campaign is also underway. Already this year – at least 288 people have died in alcohol related crashes. The campaign runs through Sunday.

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