Daycare To Face “Hard Action” After Child Walks Out Unnoticed

Kids & Co Daycare
Kids & Co Daycare

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The South Carolina Department of Social Services says they will “take a very hard action,” on Kids & Company after a 3-year-old walked out of the daycare unnoticed.

According to SC Child Cares Services, the daycare had 66 violations in 2 years.

DSS says that in October of 2014, Kids & Company faced a corrective action plan, meaning for 90 days DSS investigated to see how the facility operates. DSS visited them 6 times in 90 days and found no violations, clearing them in February.

Parents are not notified about the corrective action plans from DSS, because they do not have a list of all students enrolled. It is the daycare’s choice on whether they want to inform parents.

You can view violations and the rating for your daycare, by clicking here.

We also looked into door policies at daycares. Fire codes require that the children can reach the bar to open the door, and also require the door be unlocked from the inside at all times.

Daycares are also required to have a checklist to keep track of the students.

Many facilities have doorbells to alert when people are leaving and entering.

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