Hispanic Groups Preparing Rally, Requesting SNL To Dump Trump

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – As promotions begin to emerge online of Presidential candidate Donald Trump as the host for this weekend’s show for “Saturday Night Live,” the nation’s leading Hispanic groups are preparing a rally.

They are requesting the network to cancel the show.

“Saturday Night Live” chose Trump as its host, and several Latino organizations and members of congress are requesting the show to cancel Trump’s appearance.

More than a dozen Hispanic groups are planning to hold a ‘Dump Trump’ rally outside “Saturday Night Live” studios Wednesday.

Those attending the rally are also expected to deliver a petition with 460,000 signatures, asking NBC Studios to dump Trump.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus said trump is hateful toward Mexicans and Latinos. The group said he could lead violence and raise fears within the immigrant and Hispanic communities throughout the country.

Trump spoke at the Trump Tower Tuesday before signing copies of his new book regarding the rally.

He said, “Oh, good, it will get even higher ratings…it’s going to be one of the highest-rated shows ever.”

Trump was part of record-breaking viewers in the first three Republican debates.

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