Moped Driver Killed In Crash On U.S. 76 Near Anderson

ANDERSON COUNTY – An Anderson man was killed Thursday evening after the moped he was driving collided with a car on U.S. 76 at Station Drive and he was struck by a second car.

Philip Omar Ligon, 36, died from a broken neck around 7:20 p.m. according to the Anderson County Coroner’s Office. Ligon was driving a moped about two miles northwest of Anderson on U.S. 76 when he collided with a car that turned left into a driveway in front of him.

Ligon struck the car and was thrown from the moped and landed in the road. That’s when the coroner’s office says a second car came up on the scene and struck Ligon.

Witnesses say the driver of the second car – believe to be a small, white sedan – left the scene of the accident. The victim was not wearing a helmet according to the coroner.

The driver of the first car that struck Ligon while he was riding the moped was wearing a seat belt and was not injured.

Reporting by Rob Landreth

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