Woman Who Tried To Feed Dead Husband To Birds Pleads Guilty

Ila Solomon

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Ila Solomon, the woman who told News 18 she tried to feed her husband’s body to the birds, entered a guilty plea Friday in an Indiana court.

56-year-old Solomon pleaded guilty to failure to report a dead body and unlawful disposition of a dead body in an agreement that her welfare fraud and theft charges would be dropped. She walked into court with her head shaved and her usual posters and handbag featuring her late husband.

Although evaluators say Solomon is competent for trial, Judge Steven Meyer repeatedly asked if she felt competent and if she understood the agreement presented Friday.

“I am kind of a dumb person,” Solomon responded. “But yeah, I guess so.”

The judge proceeded to explain in detail the plea deal and her only problem was with the date of her husband’s death. She claims her husband, Gerald “Scooter” Gavan was only dead for five days before police discovered his body on May 4, 2014.

However, an autopsy reported her husband had been dead since July of 2013. Despite the date dispute, she proceeded to plead guilty to the charges.

When News 18 asked if she was planning on feeding her husband to the birds, Solomon said she stands by what she did.

“That’s right,” she replied when asked. “Because Scooter was a WWII veteran, and when he got to the beaches in Normandy his friends were already being eaten by the birds.”

Solomon said Scooter wanted to die the way his friends had passed.

Solomon faces up to a one year sentence with a $5,000 fine for one charge and up to 180 days in jail with a $100,000 fine for the other.

Her sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 21.

Solomon tells News 18 she hopes the time she served before posting bond will be accepted during her sentencing. She said she doesn’t feel she deserves any more jail time for trying to follow her husband’s wishes.

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