Greenville Police Wants Your Opinion on How Body Cameras Should Be Used

Greenville Police Department is moving forward with the implementation of body cameras for all 125 officers assigned to the field and they want your opinion on how they should be used.

They say the City Council, The City Manager and Police Chief Miller are confident that the body-worn camera technology is both useful and necessary for informing and maintaining public confidence and truest.

They say the body-worn camera systems enable officers to record situations that occur in most any environment, and provide the best chance of capturing the entirety of an incident on record, not only to evaluate against law, policy and skills training, but also to enable the Police Department to preserve and present evidence or address concerns with factual information.

They say the department will partner with a different agencies including local and state prosecutors and judges to develop a body-worn camera policy and to efficiently manage the access and transfer of video evidence.

They say the Commission on Fire and Police Practives is committed to helping implement the program and there will be a series of community meetings and forums to provide information about the use of the body cameras and to solicit feedback from the public. Click Here for a schedule of meetings

You can comment on the project by clicking here.


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