Search Called Off For Body in Mitchell Co. Murders

Photo Courtesy of the McDowell Co. Sheriff's Office.

Investigators have called off a search for a second body with cadaver dogs at the Lenoir landfill because of rain Monday.

The say they believe a body may be there because of statements made by Cecil Byrd and other investigative mean.

Autopsy on the first body has not been completed and the identification has not been made.

Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office, says 41-year-old Cecil Byrd has been charged with two counts of murder after statements made to investigators.

The murder charges are related to the disappearances of both Sarah Denise Riddle and Lisa Ann Robbins.

Riddle was reported missing November 1st in McDowell County.

Byrd has also been charged with one count of false identification in McDowell County.

Mitchell County’s authorities reported that they found human remains on N.C. 226 Tuesday near the Tennessee line.

Byrd’s first court appearance is Nov. 20 on the murder charges.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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