Cam Newton Tears Down NC Family’s Packers Banner At Panthers Game

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WNCN) — A North Carolina family’s Green Bay banner is the talk of the  nation after an incident at Sunday’s Carolina Panthers game.


Mike Dobs – a lifelong Packers fan — and four family members attended the big game against the Green Bay Packers in Charlotte.

They brought along an 8-Foot Green Bay Packers banner. The family says they even got approval to have the banner, which shows a map of NC and says “North Carolina Cheesehead” in the stands.

“You can have the banner here but remember you can’t tie it down, you can only hold it,” Dobs said the family was warned.

During the pre-game practice, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton snatched the banner from the family’s hands, Dobs said..

“He ran up to us and ripped the banner out of our hands…” said Dobs, a retired Army Command Sergeant Major who served for 27-years.

“I feel that it’s my due diligence to protect this house, and gesture of tearing down the wasn’t necessarily about tearing down the sign… it was about respect,” Newton later explained in a press conference.

The family says they were told the banner was later destroyed.

“When he came and tore down the banner, I was like, what did he do, he could have just came and talked to us and said ‘hey, take down the banner’ and I would have just taken down the banner and said ‘hey, nice meeting you’,” Dobs said Monday.

 Following the incident Dobs filed a police report.

“This is just a stupid act, we’re veterans (this was) my Veterans Day event with my family,” Dobs said.

Dobs said the Green Bay banner is normally hung inside his ‘man cave’ at home.

Since the incident and filing of the police report, Dobs says he’s received several threats on social media, through email and by phone.

“What kind of an idiot do you think you are, going to your home team’s  f—- stadium, with a stupid f—- banner like that anyway,” one of the threats said.

Dobs says the banner cost $500 to have made. He wants it replaced along with an apology.

A Panthers manager says they are working to replace the banner.

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