New Polar Bear Cub Welcomed At Columbus Zoo

Polar Bear Cub

POWELL, Ohio (WCMH)– The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has announced a new addition to the family with the birth of a polar bear cub.

According to the Columbus Zoo, Aurora gave birth to two cubs Friday and despite caring for both of them, only one cub survived.

The zoo says the surviving cub is doing well and Aurora is being an attentive mother. They are both being held in a private denning area off public view, where they will remain until spring.

Polar bears have one of the lowest reproductive rates of any mammal. The survival rate for a polar bear cub during the first few weeks of life is only about 50 percent.

“We are excited about this birth but we remain cautiously optimistic,” said Carrie Pratt, Curator of the Zoo’s North America region. “Aurora and her cub appear to be doing well but since polar bear cub survival rate is very low we will continue to monitor the two around-the-clock.”

Female polar bear twins Aurora and Anana arrived at the Columbus Zoo in 2010 when the Polar Frontier region opened.

It is unknown if Anana is pregnant, however her desire to den may indicate it is a good possibility.

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