Family says Band Mourning Death of Fans Killed During Concert in Paris Attack

Many of those killed in Paris were victims of an attack at the Bataclan Concert Hall Friday night.

The lead singer of the band playing on stage when it happened has ties to the Upstate.

American band “Eagles of Death Metal” were in the middle of a performance at Bataclan concert hall in Paris when terrorists stormed in Friday night.

“They had run back stage when they heard gunfire,” explained Sabrina Robinson, the lead singer’s cousin. “I know that Jess is broken hearted and I know their band is broken hearted over it.”

As many as a hundred of the group’s fans were taken hostage and then murdered inside. But the band, according to their family thankfully made it out alive.

“It is a horrendous tragedy that people should not have to deal with,” said Robinson.

The lead singer Jesse Hughes has family and ties in Greenville, where he attended college. Many of the family members, still here in the Upstate, say as soon as they heard they waited anxiously for word that he was okay.

“My concern was for Jesse, because his picture was up there and I was thinking oh no, I mean. That’s crazy,” Robinson added.

Sabrina, Jesse’s cousin, says she saw that her cousin was okay with the world on the band’s Facebook page shortly before hearing from the rest of the family.

She says the band remains in a safe location and that now they’re mourning the loss of their fans.

“He is very connected with his fans and he was concerned about his fans,” said Sabrina.

The family says they and the band have seen an outpouring of support on social media.

“Knowing, globally that they are supported and thought about, I think it helps,” she added.

Jesse Hughes’ family tells us they are not yet sure when the band Eagles of Death Metal will return home back to the US. But they say they are eagerly waiting for them to come home.

Organizations like the French Red Cross are responding to those impacted in Paris. To help, you can donate to them and Doctor’s without Borders HERE and HERE.

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