FBI: Virginia Men Plotted To Bomb Jewish Synagogues And Black Churches

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — The FBI raids another home as part of its investigation into a suspected race war plot in Richmond.

Friday morning, agents searched the home of the father of one of the suspects.

“They found what they were looking for. Some things I forgot were here, some things I knew were here. But it was all legal,” said Rolland Doyle.

His son Robert is one of three men accused of planning to incite a race war.

Doyle say FBI agents confiscated guns and bullets after a three hour sweep of his Chesterfield home, but that none of it belonged to the suspects.

According to federal court documents Robert C. Doyle, Ronald Beasley Chaney III and Charles Halderman were plotting to start a race war.

But Doyle’s Dad isn’t buying it.

“It does not fit blowing up these churches and shooting people. It just don’t fit.”

Doyle says his son is not a racist and that he follows the Asatru faith, which doesn’t condone violence.

“It’s not a hate group,” insists Doyle. “They help people. And the people they help I know it’s geared to white, but they’re thing is you don’t discriminate. You don’t be disrespectful and you don’t hurt others.”

Robert Doyle and Ronald Chaney are in federal custody charged with conspiracy to possess weapons as convicted felons.

Court documents indicate the pair allegedly talked of shooting up black churches and Jewish synagogues.

Charles Halderman allegedly talked about robbing and killing a local jewelry dealer.

He is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery. All three are in federal custody with no bond. Their cases go to the grand jury in December.

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