Bite Counter Made By Clemson Professors Helps Track Diet

Around the holidays it can be tough to stick to a diet. But Clemson researchers believe they have something to help you watch your waistline.

It’s more about how much you eat than what is on your plate. At least that’s what Clemson researchers say they’ve found to be true over the last 6 years as they worked on a healthy eating project.

“I’ve taken 18 bites today, that’s what I had for breakfast and I haven’t eaten since,” Eric Muth, Clemson Professor of Psychology. “If you self monitor you are likely to be more successful with your goal.”

The professors have created wearable technology to help people reach their dieting goals. It’s called a Bite Counter and it does just that, to help with portion control.

The way it works is simple. You turn it on, and it monitors the curl of your wrist as you eat. Then when you’re done with your meal your daily count is stored and you can load it to tracking software.

“You can think about it, like oh I have had 50 bites, there is still a lot of food remaining on my plate maybe I should push the plate away,” Muth explained. “So you can set daily goals and then see how you are doing.”

The watch also counts your daily steps, helps with calorie estimates and of course, tells time. Still1116_00000

“I actually lost 30 pounds when I started this project, and now I find I don’t need it as much,” added Adam Hoover, Clemson Computer Engineering Professor.

We showed the watch to two Clemson students who hadn’t seen it before. They both told us they like to keep an eye on their health. So overall, they’re impressed.

“You might think, okay maybe it is time to slow down. I think it is a good way of keeping track of what you eat,” said Elizabeth Pappe.

“It is a little hard to keep up with it every single day, but I think it would help,” added Hayley Hoover, who already keeps a calorie journal.

The Clemson team says they’ve still got improvements to go but they’re ready to get the Bite Counter watches out to consumers.

“Our main goal is to get the technology out there to help people,” said Hoover.

The Bite Counter is available to the public now for about $119.95. The Clemson researchers are working on an app now to connect directly with the watch.

To find out more about their bite counter and the research, click HERE.

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