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S for Science
The Project Mc² ( <;) doll line proves that Smart is the New Cool. The stylish dolls each come with a real-working experiment kit rooted in authentic STEAM experiences, allowing girls to create their own lava light, volcano eruption, blueprint skateboard and a glow stick. The line is designed to show young girls that STEAM is exciting and all around them. (Price: 24.99)

T for Technology
Budge Studios™ ( <;), an innovative app company, presents the new Crayola Colorful Creatures! Explore the globe and discover a world of vibrant colors, exotic animals and basic geography! On this fun and educational journey, your preschooler will complete a series of exciting mini games, helping them learn about animal body parts and sounds while developing their observation skills. Available for free download on iOS and Android.

Additionally, Budge Studios just launched a new program called Budge Playgroup that empowers kids (ages 2-10) from across the globe to help create new apps right from their homes. Kids are able to weigh in on everything from character preferences to gameplay and mechanics. The program is already seeing an influx of children who are excited to have a voice in designing the apps they will be playing with, and the kids who participate all get the opportunity to be named in the app credits. (with parental permission, of course)

E for Engineering
Dubbed as the “Netflix for LEGO,” Pley ( <;) offers a waste-free, clutter-free, and cost-effective alternative to purchasing LEGO sets – toys that are known to boost brain power and provide hours of STEM-friendly fun, especially honing in on your Engineering skills! Pley is a rental-based service where you choose a LEGO set to build, and then trade it out for a new one when you are finished. Shipping is free both ways on more than 350 LEGO sets, and the program starts at $19.99/mo.

A for Arts
Bratz ( <;) are back! Returning from hiatus, the brand returns revamped with the latest fashion and passions of the modern day girl.
Bratz introduces the Create-It-Yourself (C.I.Y) Fashion Doll Set with Doll which lets kids create and decorate their own fashions on a rotating platform. It allows girls to explore their creativity and give them the tools to express their inner artist and fashion designer. (Price: $44.99)

M for Math
Goldilocks & the Three Bears Problem Solving STEM Kit from Lakeshore Learning ( <;) – $49.99 / 3 yrs-6 yrs
Involving hands-on math practice with plenty of visual reinforcement, kids engineer a happy fairy tale ending-as they build a chair even Goldilocks can’t break! Our kit helps children discover the STEM in one of their favorite fairy tales-and naturally inspires them to explore a challenging situation until they find a solution! Kit includes a STEM-focused story card, 40 pegs, 36 platforms, 4 figures, plus student & teacher cards with lesson plans & full support. Develops skills in using the design process; cause and effect; experimenting with structural stability, size and balance.



· Designed originally by architects for professional use and based on modern building techniques, ARCKIT’s multi-award-winning system of reusable, scaled model building kits is unlike any other.

· With new ARCKIT anyone – design fans, budding architects, hobbyists, even kids ages 12+ – can quickly turn their vision into something tangible to enjoy on their own or share with others

· ARCKIT lets you easily make a model of your dream home, recreate a smaller-scale version of your favorite iconic building or simply translate a design from your imagination into a physical reality
· ARCKIT also teaches increasingly important STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills to kids while they have a blast making their own creations.

· Media have recently described ARCKIT as “the new Minecraft” and “a LEGO-like model building system for architects.”

· Each kit has pre-cut components that simply snap together without using glue. Once projects are completed, they can be taken apart and used all over again, to build something completely different.

· .
· ARCKIT is a great gift idea for moms, dads and other family members who are interested in DIY activities or dream about designing their very own dream homes.

· Ages 12+

· Prices range from $69.95-$399.95

Available at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide as well as online <;

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