Run-Off Elections Held Tuesday For Spartanburg’s Commission Of Public Works

There is voting today in Spartanburg in a run-off election. Stephanie Burton and Angela Viney are running for a seat on Spartanburg’s Commission of Public Works.

Polls will open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Mailed in absentee ballots should be received by the Elections office no later than 7 this evening.

Polling locations are as follows:

  • EP Todd Elementary
  • Mt Moriah Baptist
  • CC Woodson Rec Center
  • St John’s Lutheran Church
  • Trinity Methodist Church
  • Southside Baptist
  • Spartanburg High School
  • Cornerstone Baptist Church
  • Woodland Heights Rec Center
  • Holy Communion Lutheran Church
  • Beaumont Methodist Church
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church
  • Eastside Baptist Church
  • Jesse Bobo Elementary
  • Jesse Boyd Elementary
  • Daniel Morgan Tech Center
  • Ben Avon Methodist
  • Park Hills Elementary District 7 Learning Center
  • Una Fire Station


Note:  For the run-off only, Voters of the Cleveland Elementary Precinct will vote at the Una Fire Station  and voters of the Roebuck Bethlehem precinct will vote at Holy Communion Lutheran Church

Note:  The White Stone and Cudd Precincts will not open.  Letters sent to each of the voters in these two precincts advising them of that fact and were sent absentee instructions.  Between these 2 precincts there are only 20 voters eligible to vote in the City’s elections.

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