SMC Suspects Named In Gaffney Debit Card Fraud Case

According to a Gaffney Police Incident Report, the suspects in the Spartanburg Methodist College Break-ins are now named as suspects regarding debit card theft on Gardner Webb University.

A victim says that her car was broken into on the campus on November 2nd, according to the report.

The report says a short time later her card was used inside the city limits of Gaffney at Walmart, Murphy’s USA, Rue 21, and Tommy Hillfiger.

The suspects are listed as Oliver Chandler and Delvin Simmons.

Oliver Chandler was arrested for Carbreaking on November 9th at Spartanburg Methodist College.

Delvin Simmons was shot and killed by Spartanburg Methodist Police after they say he hit an officer with his car, following car break ins on the campus.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright says that around 40 cars had been gone through at Gardner Webb University, but items out of 6 of the cars had been stolen.

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