Black Student Leaders Calls for Investigation Into Alleged Racism on USC-Upstate Campus

A USC Upstate student is demanding school officials investigate claims of racism, discrimination and vandalism he says say occurs frequently on campus.

Craig Drayton, president of Black Student Leaders, says he reported the latest incident involving the vandalism of a poster promoting a  “Black Lives Matter” event and little was done.

“They did not do a full detailed investigation,” Drayton said. “That’s why we’re asking for an outside agency to come in.”

Senior faculty at USC Upstate says Drayton recently met USC Upstate Chancellor Thomas Moore where he was briefed on the investigation into the vandalism. Moore also increased the police presence at Thursday’s “Black Lives Matter event.”BLM Poster USC Upstate

“We were shocked,” said Tammy Whaley, assistant vice chancellor of student affairs. “(Drayton) met with the chancellor and expressed his concerns and he knew an investigation has been launched.”

Whaley says police reviewed a month’s worth of surveillance tape where the posters were displayed and found nothing.

Drayton says the vandalism is the latest in a series of smaller racial incidents on campus.  A Senior Diversity Officer with the school says no one spoke with him about the alleged incidents.

we were shocked. He met with the chancellor and expressed his concerned and he knew an investigation has been launched.

USC Upstate has 6,000 students. 38 percent are minorities and blacks comprise 28 percent of the student body.

Whaley says the school has a zero tolerance policy on racism and discrimination.

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