Kasich Talks National Security at Spartanburg Campaign Stop

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Surrounded by burgers and shakes at the Beacon Drive-In in Spartanburg, Ohio Governor John Kasich said we’re at war.

“I think we are in a war with these radicals,” he said, speaking of ISIS terrorists who claim the latest attacks in Paris last Friday.

It’s perhaps an unlikely place to talk terrorism, ISIS and threats within our borders, but to the crowd who came out to hear the presidential hopeful, Kasich said we can’t get comfortable.

“This is an attack on our way of life. I’ve been saying this for months. These people are not interested in a negotiation,” he said.

With 18 years on the House Arms Services Committee, Kasich is using his experience to bolster himself as a national security candidate. This week, he laid out plans to protect our borders and eliminate isis.

“You go and you just destroy them. You take the battle to them and then you’ve got to advance the war of ideas,” he said.

“Boots on the ground” is a shared idea with fellow candidate, Jeb Bush, who called this week for “overwhelming force” to defeat isis during a Charleston campaign stop.

Last week in Greenville, GOP frontrunner, Dr. Ben Carson, took the “whatever it takes mentality” in front of a crowd of 5000. Meanwhile,candidates like Ted Cruz are focused on Syrian refugees. Cruz is crying for an all out ban on Muslim refugees.

Governor Kasich says he’d like to see regional allied countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia welcome refugees, cutting down on the need to flee far and wide.

“I would prefer the no fly zones as sanctuary so they don’t have to leave,” he said.

In the meantime, as a Governor, he said the time is now to step back and learn more about what we’re dealing with.

“I think it’s very smart to take a breather, take a break until all of the intelligence officials say “Yeah, we think these people are safe,” said Kasich.

In the immediate future, kasich would like to see the U.S. join together with NATO allies to help France respond to Friday’s attacks.

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