Man Robs Greenville Co. Convenience Store Using Pepper Spray, Police Say

Spinx Surveillance

GREENVILLE, SC- Police are looking for a man they say entered a convenience store, pepper sprayed the sales clerk, and stole money from the register.

The incident happened at the Spinx located on Brushy Creek Road in Greer around 3:30am.

Authorities say they saw surveillance video of a man wearing a black cap, sweatshirt, blue jeans and a black handkerchief with a white design walk into the store.

The suspect walked around the store before picking up a little Debbie pastry and a coke, according to the incident report.

He then walked up to the register to pay for his items. The clerk placed the suspect’s items inside a bag and handed it to him. When the clerk opened up the cash drawer to put the money in it, the suspect pulled out a can of O/C spray and sprayed the clerk in the eyes, according to incident reports.

Officers say the suspect reached across the counter and took money from the cash drawers. The clerk saw the suspect try to take the money and slammed his left hand in the cash drawer, according to reports.

The suspect ran away out the back of the store, according to officers.

If you have any information on the identity of the suspect, please call Sgt. O’Shields with the Greer Police at 864-848-5353.

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