Upstate Events See Tightened Security

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It’s not just New York that’s on high alert, big events in the Upstate are also getting tighter security.

Event organizers say you have to bring patience when attending these events.

“In this sense there’s nothing different we’re just stepping up the checks, a little more thorough, a little more robust,” said Clemson Athletics’ Jon Allen, “I think fans need to understand it’s going to take them a few extra minutes to arrive.”

With recent attacks, Clemson says they have to act now to prevent something tragic from happening.

“I think it’d be a little shortsighted for us to completely ignore what’s going on in the world, I can’t stress enough there’s no threat here in Clemson, we’re just putting some folks mind at ease,” said Allen.

Clemson is even suggesting to people that they bring clear bags, like in the NFL, all in an effort to keep people safer.

Some attendees we spoke to like the idea.

“You can hide a lot of things in bags, so it could be an issue,” said attendee Matthew Starnes.

At the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, where Clemson basketball will be playing their home games this season, they will be checking bags and using metal detectors before being allowing people inside.

Greenville Police will be inside and outside, showing an extra presence.

The Upstate isn’t the only area prepping for big events. Columbia will have normal policies for the Carolina-Citadel game on Saturday.

The Carolina Panthers say if you’re headed to Charlotte on Sunday, you’ll want to be patient as they will be doing thorough checks on everyone.

For full restrictions on what you can bring to Panthers games, click here.

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