After Terrorist Attacks Overseas, Upstate Students Head Home

GREENVILLE, S.C. – A little more than a week after terrorists killed more than 100 people across Paris, nearby Brussels is on high alert for a similar attack, something that prompted a Greenville university to abruptly cancel its study abroad program and send students home.

“I was just very on edge,” said Furman University student Anna Knight, who left Brussels Sunday. “By the end of the week, we didn’t really feel safe. From what they were telling us, from what we were hearing, we did not feel safe, and we were slightly scared.”

Knight was one of 20 Furman students studying in Brussels. She and the others decided to come home after the government there shut down the universities.

“Right now, there’s a definite uneasiness throughout Brussels,” said Wofford College student Tevin Johnson, who’s studying in Brussels. “There’s something in the air that people can kind of feel and you understand that when you’re on public transportation, when you’re in populated areas, everyone’s kind of looking over their shoulder a little bit.”

Johnson said he plans to stay in Brussels and finish his semester, which ends in three weeks.

There are a few Furman students still in Brussels; they’re expected back in the United States by Thursday.

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