Toy Warning: ‘Bunchems’ Ruins Kid’s Hair

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Parents are warning others of the new toy “Bunchems” that have been ruining their kid’s hair.

The toy that made the Target’s Top Holiday Gift list is a bunch of small Velcro-like plastic balls that kids can connect together to make different shapes.

According to reviews on Amazon, the plastic balls keep getting stuck in their kid’s hair and are a nightmare to get out.

“Horrible, horrible, horrible toy for kids,” one parent said in a review on Amazon. “I just spent the last TWO AND A HALF hours (absolutley, 100 percent not an exaggeration) attempting to remove 14 of these b*** balls out of my daughter’s hair.”

In response to the complaints, Bunchems has released a video on how to get them out of kids hair, but parents say that is not enough.

Bunchems also responded by saying their product is only intended to be adhered to each other, not to hair, and issued a warning label on the products.

Parents are angry, saying that they are children and no matter what a warning label says, kids will be kids.

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