Upstate Drivers Lose Millions Of Dollars Sitting In I-85 Traffic

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says there were more drivers on the road in 2014 since before the recession.

SCDOT says that drivers spent 6,900 hours sitting in delays on I-85 from the North Carolina border to Georgia in 2014.

That adds up to 21.2 million dollars wasted during those delays, according to DOT.  The agency gets that number from adding up the cost of gas, the cost of idling, and the cost of operating a vehicle. They determine that on the trucking industry and then equate that for a normal commuter driver as well.

The DOT says the main areas that have big delays are I-85 and Pelham Road and I-85 and I-385, which is where two big projects are happening.

The DOT will be adding a lane in both directions near Pelham Road and will be adding a second ramp at the 385 interchange.

The DOT will hold a public meeting at Gaffney High School on the widening project on December 1st from 5 to 7.

To check all delays for traffic, click here.

To see the national study on interstate bottlenecks, click here.


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