Black Friday New This Year: What Tool Can Help You Score The Best Price

There are less than 72 hours left before you can start snagging those Black Friday deals.
We’ve already started getting calls from you looking for answers about everything from when stores are opening to how you can pinpoint the very best deal. So we dug up that information, and also learned about something new this year you’re going to want to have to find the very lowest price.

Nicholas Blackwood has four kids and one more on the way. So shopping wisely during the holidays is a must.

“With the apps they send you coupons and stuff like that, so it’s all going towards technology the last couple of years,” he said.

Blackwood’s onto something. We found out signing up for your favorite retailers apps could be the very the best way to score the lowest price according to the bargain experts at DealNews.

“This year for the first time we’re seeing retailers really putting an emphasis on mobile shopping. They are offering deals exclusively through their mobile apps like amazon, some of their lighting deals will be available only through their mobile app. And this isn’t just symbolic the best deal we’ve seen all year on an HDTV is going to be available only through mobile. Target is also offering special discounts and big discounts for people who use their cartwheel app, and Walmart leaked their Black Friday add first through their mobile app before anywhere else,” said Benjamin Glaser with DealNews.

The price tracking site also says aim for electronics on Thanksgiving and Friday and clothes and toys on Cyber Monday (some toys are even cheaper into December).

The site has done your homework for you. They filtered the best adds by category so you can easily compare.

And then there’s the freebies. The first 100 people in the door at Kohls will get 2 free movie tickets. At Belks the first $250 customers will get gift cards between $5 and $1000 dollars. And at Cabellas the first 600 customers will get a free gift. Here are more to check out.

As for when to hit which store, most of the big box stores (Target, Walmart) are opening at 6pm Thanksgiving. But those times do vary, so here is a list of store hours to make it easy.

Finally, DealNews says, if you can only shop on one day, Thursday is likely to offer the very best deals.

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