Thousands Grab Pizza, Watch Playoff Selection At Clemson

Thousands of Clemson fans watched with the football team as they learned who they would be taking on next. They filled up Death Valley for Coach Dabo Swinney’s promised pizza party.

The excitement was roaring out of memorial stadium Sunday afternoon.

“You can tell when the team came out, this place, the roof blew off,” said Joey Campbell.

Thousands of Tigers fans grabbed their free Papa Johns pizza and hurried to their seats. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney came through on his promise Sunday that he made earlier this season to feed all the hungry tigers fans.

“I felt like our teams needed to be celebrated and our fans needed to be celebrated,” Coach Swinney said after the party.

Some fans left Charlotte to make it to Dabo’s pizza party. Others missed Saturday’s game, but couldn’t miss grabbing their slice and celebrating Clemson’s acc championship win.

“It is crazy to see at the away games how much orange there is in the crowd,” said Emily Szabo.

“I’ve grown up coming to Clemson games but this year has just been one of a kind,” added Sammie Mullis.

As they enjoyed their slices, They were able to watch the College Football Playoff Selections with the team as Oklahoma was chosen to take on #1 Clemson.

After, Coach Swinney and the team thanked their fans for continually cheering them on throughout their undefeated season.

“I don’t know what happened at the other 3 schools but I doubt it was like this. This was crazy. It was a lot of fun and our fans are amazing,” said Coach Swinney.

“I’ll be cheering for you. I won’t make it to Florida but I will be cheering for you. Go Tigers,” Joey said about their next game.

The team expects the faithful sea of orange and purple to show up again as they head to the orange bowl.

“Let’s go tigers. Let’s beat them Sooners. Let’s be number 1 all year!,” CT Campbell cheered.

Papa John’s says they made around 3 thousand pizzas at their restaurants across the upstate. Clemson University expected at least 20,000 Tigers fans at the pizza party.

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