Loved Ones Remember Fallen Hero Of San Bernardino Shooting

JESUP, GA (WSAV) – A hero of the San Bernardino shooting was laid to rest today in his family’s hometown of Jesup, Georgia.

Shannon Johnson, 45, was a graduate from Windsor Academy in Macon, Georgia. He moved to California in the early 2000s and worked at the San Bernardino clinic as an Environmental health specialist.

Johnson will be most likely remembered though for his acts of heroism in a matter of minutes to protect a coworker when a gunman began shooting on December 2nd. Witness accounts say Johnson uttered the words, “I’ve got you” as he was struck by gunfire.

During the service celebrating Johnson’s life, the message “Like father like son” seemed appropriate. Johnson’s father, Bob Johnson, died aiding a coworker during a factory accident. Before the service, Johnson’s family spoke about honoring Shannon and his father, both men who died putting others before themselves.

“This is Shannon’s day, this is a day of celebration it’s going to be really really tough in a few minutes,” says Robert Johnson, Shannon’s older brother.

Johnson says he always considered his father a hero and his brother Shannon, his protector. When a gunman began shooting in the San Bernardino clinic, Robert says Shannon acted in the moment, doing what he knew was right.

“God just has a plan and Shannon’s plan was to do what he did.”

The family continues to mourn along with friends, but they all agree that it was no surprise Shannon Johnson died saving those he cared for because in the end they say that that was the kind of man he was.

“What both ministers said today, Shannon had you, if you were with him, he had you he was your protector,” says family friend Dink NeSmith.

His family and friends all remember Johnson as a man who deeply loved those around him and he showed that love in those three words “I’ve got you” as he gave his life for his coworkers.

“Shannon was a heroic example that you can lead a quiet life but when the time comes you do what’s in your heart and in Shannon’s heart it was to take care of the person next to him,” says NeSmith.

The family held an interment service where Johnson’s remains will be put to rest in the Jesup City Cemetery.

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